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Hardwood Flooring in Sherwood, AR

Hardwood flooring in a dining room, installation services available.

Elevate your living spaces with the timeless elegance of hardwood flooring, exclusively at Southern Interiors. Unveil a symphony of style and durability with our carefully curated selection of hardwood flooring options. Located in Sherwood, AR, our showroom is the ultimate destination for unbeatable prices on premium flooring, boasting an expansive array of hardwood choices. Opt for the classic allure of solid hardwood or the innovative versatility of engineered hardwood, setting the stage for your interior masterpiece. Collaborate with our seasoned flooring specialists, who are dedicated to guiding you toward the perfect hardwood flooring that aligns seamlessly with your home's aesthetic, design aspirations, and functional requirements. Transform your space with Southern Interiors – where quality meets sophistication.


What Types of Hardwood Flooring Are There?

Discover the allure of hardwood flooring and enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your home. Our extensive wood flooring selection offers a variety of colors, plank sizes, and grains, ensuring a perfect fit for every style preference. Explore our collection’s two main types of hardwood flooring:


Engineered Hardwood Flooring:

  • Constructed by layering 3-5 thin wood pieces with grains at different angles.
  • Engineered to expand and contract, preventing cracks or shifts in moisture-exposed areas.
  • Mimics the look of solid hardwood but offers superior structural stability.
  • Ideal for any room, including spaces with higher moisture levels.

Solid Hardwood Flooring:

  • Recognized as traditional hardwood flooring, enduring properly.
  • Can be refinished multiple times, preserving its beauty and longevity.
  • A timeless option that lasts for decades, showcasing its durability and timeless charm.


Choose from our diverse hardwood flooring options, each promising a harmonious blend of beauty and durability for your home.


What Are The Benefits of Hardwood Floors?

Unlock the myriad benefits of hardwood flooring, making it the preferred choice for contemporary homes. When you choose hardwood from our flooring store, you're investing in top-quality products from industry-leading brands such as Aquadura, Baroque Flooring, Downs, Floorcraft, Inhabit, Spotlight Values, and more. Explore the numerous advantages of hardwood:

  • Elegance Enhancement: Elevates the aesthetics of your home with a timeless touch of sophistication.
  • Low Maintenance: Simple to clean and requires minimal upkeep, ensuring a hassle-free flooring solution.
  • Home Value Addition: Increases the overall value of your home, providing a long-lasting and valuable investment.
  • Solid Durability: Boasts longevity, capable of lasting for decades, making it an excellent long-term choice.
  • Improved Air Quality: Contributes to better interior air quality, fostering a healthier living environment.
  • Versatile Aesthetics: Complements any decor style, offering a versatile flooring solution for various design preferences.
  • Diverse Options: Available in many appearances, colors, styles, stains, and species, catering to individual tastes.
  • Acoustic Enhancement: Improves acoustics in your space, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Discover the unmatched benefits of hardwood flooring, blending functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal seamlessly.


Top 3 FAQs About Hardwood Flooring

Q: Is hardwood flooring suitable for all areas of the home?

A: Hardwood flooring is a versatile option used in various areas, including living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. However, it may not be ideal for moisture-prone spaces like bathrooms or basements, where engineered hardwood or other materials may be more suitable.


Q: What are the maintenance requirements for hardwood floors?

A: Regular maintenance involves sweeping or vacuuming to remove dust and debris. Periodic polishing or refinishing may be necessary to maintain the floor's luster. It's important to clean up spills promptly to prevent staining.


Q: Are there any considerations for pets and hardwood flooring?

A: Hardwood floors can be pet-friendly, but it's essential to be aware that some species and finishes are more resistant to scratches and wear caused by pets. Trimming your pets’ nails, rugs, or mats in high-traffic pet areas can help preserve your hardwood floors.


Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation 

Once you choose the right type of wood floor for your interior, put that purchase in the hands of a qualified team of installers. Our team has the tools and experience to complete the job on your terms and schedule. You get flooring that lasts for years and a home that has increased in value. Rely on us so you can rest assured, knowing that your flooring is being installed perfectly. Our installations are covered by some of the best guarantees in the industry, including our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. This is our promise to you of a quality installation. If you are unhappy with your new hardwood floors, just call us within 30 days of your installation, and we’ll replace your flooring with a similar product at no additional cost. 

Contact us to learn more about our hardwood flooring selection and installation services. We proudly serve home and business owners in Sherwood, AR, and the surrounding communities.


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